Polyflex coupling Yanmar 101x78x50

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The recommendations are given for information only, the final recommendations are confirmed by us because they depend on the choice of the reduction gear and the reduction ratio. The total length of the systems includes the seal, stop, adapter set. The engine mounts can be different depending on the type of gearbox chosen. Modulin series stops are guaranteed for 10 years in pleasure use

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The flexible polymer couplings' POLYFLEX "allow to make a flexible connection between the inverter and the shaft line. They protect and isolate the inverter shaft. In the event of impact they act as a fuse. They allow to absorb torsional vibrations and preserve the reversers. They prolong the life of cable glands, hydrolubic rings and compensate for small misalignments of the shaft lines. The front / rear maneuvers become more flexible. These couplings are tested and approved by Bureau VERITAS and the DNV Available for all types of reversers Made of high quality polymer hardness shore 90 high resistance 4800 psi -inserts and metal parts are special steel AS 1443 treated anti corrosion with SA5 Cobalt / Zinc

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