Eliche Radice

Fixed three-bladed propeller Ø 505 mm - 20 "- (Pitch 11 to 18)

Reference: E20
Bronze twin blade propeller for shaft line 50% coverage area. The propellers of our production are made with care in shell molds. This allows to obtain homogeneous thicknesses and a strict similarity of execution. Automated machining guarantees precise assembly. All of our propellers are dynamically balanced to ensure vibration-free operation. Our propellers guarantee the best performance of the engine as well as a very good longevity
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The standard propellers are made with a manganese bronze alloy. We can supply on request propellers in alloy reinforced with Cupro aluminum. A complete range is available for all Inboard engines fitted with a shaft line or sail drive sub-bases. We provide advice and recommendations according to the applications. A form to complete is available on our website

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