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copy of 4P FOF propeller - 22 '' - 560 mm x (15-16-17-18-19)

Reference: FL427

Flexofold propellers 4 folding blades. Flexofold Cruising Quadripale, this version is intended for large sailboats and catamarans it provides the same thrust as the fixed propellers while eliminating drag. They are available in 22 "/ 560mm or 24" / 610mm

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Flexofold manufactures high performance folding propellers to match and exceed the performance of fixed propellers. A sailboat propeller must convert the engine power into thrust as efficient in forward as in reverse and have a minimum drag to sail faster under sail. ATMB Marine provides advice and recommendations for Flexofold propellers according to applications. A form for calculation and definition is available on our website. Flexofold propellers are designed according to the following specifications: Do not generate noise or vibration. Be reliable and reasonably priced. Must not hang ropes and drifting objects. Need little maintenance. Be made with quality materials. Flexofold propellers have proven themselves in terms of efficiency and quality, this is why the majority of the best manufacturers have adopted these propellers in recent years

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