Black water gauge - 1 indication 3/4 full

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The installation of Gobius is simple, in less than 30 minutes, without drilling the tank, after placing the probes, connection and calibration are done in a few seconds. Each probe emits a wave creating a vibration in the tank, an accelerometer measures the size of the vibration and transmits it to the control unit which determines whether the liquid level is above or below the probe. The precise information is transmitted to the indicator. The range consists of sensors and control units for fuel, water and black water tanks. They can be connected to most indicators like Wema. Kits are supplied complete ready to install
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For tanks, measurements are made from outside the tanks. Gobius is very simple to install in less than 30 minutes without the need to take out the tank and drill it. Suitable for all tanks, water, black water, diesel, stainless steel, aluminum, or plastic of all shapes and sizes. No contact with the contents of the tank. Gobius can be installed on all shapes and sizes. No maintenance or cleaning required. Connects to standard indicators, Wema, VDO, Foria ... Support - NMEA 2000. Analog output 10-180 Ohm, 240-33Ohm and 4-20 mA. 10-29 Volt output for connection of a lamp or an alarm (Buzzer). 0-5V output for instrument and Bus on Gobius 5.0 versions. Low power consumption less than 40 mA at 12-24 Volts

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