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Gray water treatment kit 12V - 24V - 220V

This tacit power plant helps to preserve the environment by treating gray water in a simple and very efficient way thanks to patented bio filters. Soiled water from the kitchen, shower and wash is rid of all organisms before being discharged clean to the outside. The filters are cleanable and reusable a hundred times, they can treat up to 40 m3 before saturation. The process is fully automatic and does not require periodic periodic maintenance

Step 1: Gray water enters the tank by gravity. Step 2: The water passes through the bio filters of the first chamber. The majority of impurities such as hair, detergent, soap are retained by the black filter (low density) as well as by the green filters (medium density). Step 3: The contaminated water enters the second chamber, the particles of medium and small size are blocked by bio filters of medium and high density (green and blue). Step 4: The contaminated water passes through the third progressive filtration chamber. Fine particles are retained in high and ultra high density biofilters (blue and gray). Step 5: Clean water is pumped to the outside or to the irrigation system. Filtration kit including patented bio filters. Complies with CE-EN 55014-1: 2006 and EN55014-2: 1997 + A1 - Standard 2004/108 / EC. Nominal capacity 65l / minutes - Discharge: 5 meters. Nominal capacity 130l / minutes - Delivery: 1 meters

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