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Hydro Generator AquaGen 12V and 24V

Reference: AQ412
AQUAGENS are powerful hydro generators
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They ensure a constant charge on board batteries, whatever the navigation program. The production makes it possible to compensate for the consumption of all the devices during the cruise (radar, pilot, fridges, lights, etc.). The installation takes place in less than five minutes on a balcony at the rear. The set consists of an alternator, a turbine with two sizes of propellers, a tip of 15 meters depending on the model. The blades supplied are very simple in design and can be easily replaced to adjust to the speed of the moment. The drag caused is negligible. The production capacity reached for an Aqua4gen - 190 Amps per day with a speed of 6 Knots. Production from 2.5 knots - Weight of the turbine: 3.3 Kgs - Dimensions of the blades 115 mm standard and 90 mm for speed + 8 knots

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