5 '' polyflex support - ZF 127x108x63.5

Reference: Y2
Motor supports made of "polyflex" polymer are a simple and effective alternative to replacing conventional motor supports. Their advantages are numerous: extremely solid and efficient. Their lifespan is prolonged, because insensitive to corrosion and resistant to hydrocarbons. Isolate the engine from the hull. Improve soundproofing. They completely fulfill their roles as silent blocks to obtain sufficient vertical deflection, a good level of insulation, combined with a minimum of lateral deflection under the thrust in propulsion and the loads consecutive to the sailing conditions
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Their manufacturing quality and resistance are unique. They are available for most marine engines and generator sets. Shore hardness 50 to 95, resistance 2900 to 7000 Psi. All metal parts are treated against corrosion with SAS Cobalt / Zinc. Available for all types of engine

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