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RAINMAN Desalinator petrol Set 26-34 l/h

Reference: RHGKIT3

RAINMAN desalinators are a portable and compact solution for easily generating pure water via seawater or brackish water. The different systems are composed of a high central pression qui met sous pression l'eau collectée et des membranes à osmose inverse qui dessale et retire les impuretés avant de récupérer les molécules d'eau pure. En utilisant l'option Rainman Flow Gauge, le système peut fonctionner avec de l'eau saumâtre. L'eau pure récupérée est ainsi parfaitement potable

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The different components are of the first quality, they come from manufacturers like Honda, DOW FILMTEC, Jabsco ... These products are easy to maintain and available all over the world. Our systems are versatile, they can be easily used from one boat to another or even on a beach, they can be transformed into high pressure cleaners using the gun available as an option. The high pressure unit is available with a Honda petrol engine or electric 230V / 50Hz or 115V / 60Hz or low voltage 12V continuous. The RAINMAN system use original DOW FILMTEC reverse osmosis membranes

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