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Simplified pump rotor replacement: the rotors of seawater pumps can stop working at any time. Being able to replace them quickly and easily is vital to engine and boat safety. It is often difficult to quickly replace a pump impeller. beyond the difficulty of access, the multiple screws are hard to remove and it is necessary to replace the paper seal etc ... this maneuver is all the more difficult in navigation. Regular monitoring is essential to prevent any deterioration that may occur at the worst time. Quick replacement reduces the risk
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The replacement cover is designed in bronze 112, it includes a nitrile O-ring placed in a groove. The surface dedicated to the rotor is calculated and the necessary thickness is identical to allow the rotation of the impeller. The O-ring integrated into the cover allows you to do without the traditional paper seal or sealant. On a thick cover, 4 clamping knobs are sufficient. As all of them are beyond the joint, unused holes can be ignored. Two holes on the cover are open and oblong, this allows the cover to slide to allow it to be removed or replaced with extreme ease. The clamping knobs are made of 316L stainless steel, their circumference is crenellated to allow them to be tightened firmly without tools. Their contact surface is sufficient to block them even being hand tight. The installation is done in a few moments. When the old cover is removed, the Speedseal uses the existing fixing holes on the pump body. No modification is necessary. Guide holes for the clamping knobs and the O-ring ensure a perfect seal. The new SPEEDSEAL life system has several advantages. In addition to replacing the classic cover with the SPEEDSEAL system to facilitate maintenance inspection. It considerably increases the service life of the turbines. Tests up to 40 dry starts of 5 minutes have confirmed the performance of this version. The life of the turbines is thus multiplied by a minimum of three. The set consists of the pump cover, a bronze ring, a Teflon ring, four 316L stainless steel knobs for hand tightening, 4 O-rings (3 spare), a turbine extractor and two tubes of silicone grease

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