CV05 Aquadrive seals - V 130 +/- 16 mm

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For 30 years Aquadrive has been manufacturing quality transmissions, the advantages of these systems are numerous and obvious. The Aquadrive makes the boat's propulsion smoother, quieter and vibration-free. Engine alignment becomes superfluous. CV joints can receive up to 16 ° angle and the propeller thrust is fully absorbed by the flexible stop on a veranda. An Aquadrive is made up of three parts. They are available for any type of engine from 10 to 1500 horsepower. To accurately determine your Aquadrive, you must provide the following information: Type of boat. Engine power. Maximum engine speed. Inverter reduction ratio. Anticipated angles. Diameter of the propeller shaft. Recreational or bonded use. Average number of hours per year. We have at your disposal a complete brochure detaili
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Why mount an Aquadrive: Vibrations - The Aquadrive eliminates the vibrations transmitted by the engine to the hull because the propeller thrust is no longer directly on the engine but via the stop of the Aquadrive mounted flexible. The engine mounts can be softened to further reduce vibration. Misalignment - CV joints accept up to 16 ° angles, even off-axis. Their lengths are not fixed, they tolerate a variable length of compression and depression. This reduces the tilt of the engine and solves problems on certain assemblies. The seals can receive a custom welded intermediate tube to reduce the length of the shaft line or when the motor is placed in the central position. Longevity - The Aquadrive extends the life of the entire installation, there is no more thrust on the inverter, the life of the latter as well as that of the rear ring and the cable gland are considerably increased. Aquadrive system exceeds engine life

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