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LVM 6 TB regulator - 12 V and 24V

Reference: LVM6TB12

These models are specially made for the whole range of Aerogen - Aquagen - ATMB400 wind turbines and DuoGen combined wind / hydro generator. They have an input and two outputs to treat two separate battery parks as well as an integrated temperature compensation, one or two resistances depending on the model

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These fully marine and waterproof regulators allow wind turbines and hydro generators to deliver all their power to the batteries thanks to special diodes which do not consume current. The analysis of the battery voltage is entrusted to a PMV monitoring system. The voltage is adjustable by potentiometer between 11.5 - 17 volt for the 12V versions and from 25-30.5 volt for the 24V versions. This setting allows you to adjust the regulation voltage depending on the battery technology used. When the batteries are fully charged, the current is deflected to one or two ceramic resistors depending on the model. The excess current is thus dissipated in the form of heat. This principle is essential for optimal operation because the alternator of the wind turbine or hydro generator remains constantly charged, the system is autonomous and does not interfere with any other source of charge

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